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intelreview17Prof Joseph Fitsanakis (Coastal Carolina University, S.C., USA) & Dr. John M. Nomikos (Director, European Intelligence Academy) presented “Intelligence Review Publication” produced by Coastal Carolina University and European Intelligence Academy (EIA).

zagreb17Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) delivered a speech on “Mediterranean and Balkan Security Challenges” in the Croatian Military Academy on 6th March 2017, and coordinated the panel on “Prevention, emergency response and crisis management” organized by the Zagreb Security Forum on 6-7 March 2017 in Zagreb, Croatia.

ayanatoseminarAya Burweila, (RIEAS Senior Advisor) delivered a lecture at the SIKINOS Seminar of the NATO RAPID Deployment Corps: "NATO Intervention and the Current Conflict in Libya: Past, Present and Future" on 26th January 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Read more

cardiff1Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) delivered a speech on “Knowledge Base Open Sources (OSINT) Networks: From Strategic Thinking to Decision-Making Strategic Policy”, at the Global Challenges Workshop, organized by the Crime and Security Research Institute in the Cardiff University (UK) on 28-29th November 2016.

armlet1Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) delivered a speech on “Greek Counter-Terrorism Policy and Aviation Security” in the closing conference at “ARMLET: Setting- up an Air Marshal Training Centre” co-funded by the Prevention of and Fight against Crime Program of the European Union on 21-23 September 2016 in Bucharest, Romania...Read more 

nduIn July 2016, United States National Defense University (NDU) students spent time in Athens during a regional cultural studies trip. Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director), Assistant Professor at the Webster University (Athens Campus) and Mrs. Aya Burweila (RIEAS Senior Analyst) met NDU students and discussed about Greek Foreign Policy and Transatlantic Security issues.

mikeaFrom Left to Right: Peter C. Oleson (Editor, AFIO Guide to the Study of Intelligence), Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director), Michael Herman (Winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award Intelligence Practitioner and Scholar), and Joseph S. Gordon (Colin Powell Chair for Intelligence Analysis in the National Intelligence University, USA).

Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos delivered a speech on “Intelligence Studies in Greece” and coordinated a panel on: Read more

dohaforumHarry Theoharis (left) Member of Hellenic Parliament, H.E. Abdulla A. Rahman Fakhroo (center) Executive Director, Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar, and Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (right) RIEAS Director.

The Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) participated in the 11th Enriching the Middle East's Economic Future Conference 2016 on 30 May - 1 June 2016 in Doha, Qatar. Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) attended the panel on "The Encryption Controversy" and "The Presidential Race and the State of U.S. Policy", and Mrs. Antonia Dimou (RIEAS Senior Advisor) was commentator on the panel on "ISIS and Oil: How ISIS controls Oil Fields, How it Sells the Oil, and How it Uses Oil Revenues to Finance its Operations."

byron16Ioannis (John) M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) delivered a speech on "How the Power of Information can be an asset in their career development" on 22 April 2016 in Byron College, Athens, Greece.

awcrieasWebster Athens hosted a delegation of United States Air War College students on March 10, 2016, who were on a regional cultural studies trip. The event was hosted by the History Politics and International Relations Faculty and the Admissions Department of Webster Athens in pursuance of the military-friendly incomparable educational programs and workshops offered by the university for over 40 years. Read more


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