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Newsletter on Immigration to Greece
Editor: Ioannis Kolovos

Risk of poverty much higher for foreign nationals
According to the latest Income and Household Living Conditions Survey the population at risk of poverty or social exclusion between the ages of 18-64 years old was much higher for foreign nationals compared to the Greeks (64.3% compared to 37.4% respectively).

The relevant press release by the National Statistics Authority can be read here (in Greek only)

Greeks are very skeptical towards refugees
According to the latest MRB-Trends poll, 78.4% of Greeks do not think that the refugees will integrate in Greek society. On the contrary they believe that the stay of refugees will increase criminality (82.7%) and unemployment (80.4%).

The relevant findings can be viewed here (in Greek only)

Ministry of Immigration’s (not so secret) plan to combat illegal immigration
The Ministry of Immigration issued a revealing press release stating they plan to combat illegal immigration by making easier for illegal immigrants to acquire residence permits. As expected the Ministry makes no mention either of repatriation or relocation and deportation.

The Ministry of Immigration press release can be read in full here (in Greek only)

Pew Research Poll finds Greeks among most anti-migrant in EU
A new survey conducted by Pew Research Center showed that Greeks are among those Europeans who have the most negative views toward Muslims and Jews.

A relevant news-report can be read here (in English)

Health agency said migrant centers must close
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention called for the closure of reception centers for migrants across the country after its officials found living conditions to pose a public health risk.

The relevant news-item can be read here (in English)

Turkey recalled officials from Greek islands
Turkish officials overseeing the implementation of the migrant relocation deal between the European Union and Turkey, were ordered to leave the Greek islands and return to Turkey.

The relevant news-item can be read here (in English)

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