seminarphoto3The Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) organized a seminar titled “New World Order in the Eastern Mediterranean” on 22 March 2023 in the Greek Armed Forces Club (LAED) in Athens, Greece. Speaker was Admiral Ioannis Egkolfopoulos (ret HN). Public & Private Security Professionals, Foreign Military Defense Attaché in Athens, and Diplomats were participated from the following countries: Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, USA, UK, Morocco, Hungary, Taiwan, Greece, France, Egypt, Italy, and Israel. Click on to read the Report.

dec22As the tumultuous year 2022 comes to a close, the editorial team of the Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS) is pleased to present yet another multi-themed issue of our publication. In this tenth issue of JEAIS, we have included six carefully reviewed studies that present our readers with a varied and comprehensive analysis of topics that are both timely and relevant. We believe that the subject of relevance is crucial here: never in the post-Cold War environment has the field of intelligence been more pertinent to our lives. The authors of our present issue aptly demonstrate that relevance through their work. Read more

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Future historians are likely to assess the impact of COVID-19 on scholarly inquiry as mixed. The pandemic compelled an unparalleled growth in mRNA medicines and pharmaceutical science more broadly. It also forced a re-evaluation of the use of emergency medicine practices in public health. At the same time, however, COVID-19 hampered scholarly cooperation by preventing experts from gathering and sharing ideas through discussion. That is why the recent conference of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), which took place from October 20 to 22 in South Carolina, was such a significant event. It was the first face-to-face gathering of the IAFIE scholarly community in the United States since 2019. In a sense, it bridged the gap caused by the pandemic and, in doing so, brought back the sense of optimism that is inherent in scholarly inquiry. Dozens of intelligence studies scholars, current and former practitioners, as well as graduate and undergraduate students, came together at the Citadel in South Carolina, to break bread and re-connect. Read more

coastalIn a move that demonstrates its continued presence on the world stage, Coastal Carolina University’s Department of Intelligence and Security Studies has entered a collaborative agreement with a globally recognized, international academic journal. In July 2021, the department assumed editorial supervision for the Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS), which means CCU faculty will have an ongoing role as managing editors of the journal, on an annual rotation. It also means CCU students may have an opportunity to participate in international academic scholarship and research. Read more

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The Institute for National and International Security (INIS) organized a Webinar on Mediterranean Security. The Speakers cover a variety of issues such as Hybrid warfare, migration, organized crime, human trafficking, Covid 19, Energy Security, Extremism and Radicalization in the Mediterranean region. The webinar took place on 30 November 2021 and it was supported by the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) in Athens, Greece. Click on to attend it

call13a1The Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS) is seeking papers focusing on the field of intelligence and related areas of study and practice, such as terrorism and counterterrorism, domestic and international security, geopolitics and international relations. Read more

secjournal"SECURITY SCIENCE JOURNAL" is an open access, peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journal published by the Institute for National and International Security (Serbia), The Europa Institute, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, The Research Institute for European and American Studies - RIEAS (Greece) and ITS – Institute for Transnational Studies (Germany). Security Science Journal is first of this kind in the World with aim and goal to prove that Security is Science with its own specific methodologies and theories that Security Science is based on. Read more

atabwarcollegeCertified Intelligence Officer course launched by ATAB USA

Chairperson, Keith Flanigan PhD CMAS USA

Director, John Sears CMAS USA

Honorary Director, Daniel Sánchez OIS, MSc Anti-Terrorist Intelligence/Counterintelligence Specialist, Global Security Director 

Course Director, John M Nomikos CMAS, Greece
Secretary Course Committee John M Nomikos CMAS, Director, RIEAS Greece

Course Administrator and Design, Keshav Mazumdar, Antiterrorist Officer CPO CAS ASC FNWC ATO CMAS India

Course designed by Keshav Mazumdar CAS CMAS ATO FNWC ASC CPO Administrator Army XXII India & Course Director John Nomikos, CMAS, Greece
ATAB Chair Keith Flanigan and Director John Sears USA.

ATAB USA has launched a certification course entitled Certified Intelligence Officer (CIO) with the twin objectives to enhance the situational and intelligence awareness of commanders at all levels and prepare future intelligencers to understand intelligence from a very professional perspective, not regular training methods.

Read more: ATAB War College in Europe Information (PDF Format)

Read more:Keshav Mazumdar Video (13 minutes) on Certified Intelligence Officer Levels 1 2 & 3 ATAB USA & Europe Branch

Read more: CV for Keshav Mazumdar

Read more: CV for John M Nomikos

Read more:  CV for Daniel Sanchez

Read more:
ATAB War College in Europe web link

NISAphotoNetherlands Intelligence Studies Association (NISA)

For the past few years, the world has been receiving mixed messages about the world of intelligence. On the one hand, we are told that ‘the trade’- the techniques used to gather intelligence - has changed markedly: we now live in an information age, in which big data and social media intelligence transform signals intelligence at its core. Adding to that human intelligence has to adapt, since cameras are everywhere and covers are blown in the blink of an eye. Read more

call13aThe topic of the June 2019 Volume of the Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS) is “Intelligence Cooperation: Looking Ahead of 2020s”. This issue aims to address the dynamics of intelligence interaction between both domestic and international agencies and organizations, among military, civilian and hybrid structures, within the Government and the Private Sector, from a wide range of perspectives. Read more

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