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Stavros Markos
(Journalist and Member at the World Security Network Foundation at the Southeast Europe Office- WSN) 


The Tribunal of Tirana District decided to arrest in prison Alban Gjoci, an Albanian emigrant in Greece. Gjoci has been arrested one day ago near Tirana, travelling inside a taxi, comes from Northern Albania town, Shkodra. During a police equip control, they find arsenal weapons and bomb hands in a box itself. The police arrested in flagrance Gjoci together with arsenal arms.

During the interrogators, Gjoci declared the reasons that he was accused from an attorney at Tirana: “I would send to Greece the weapons to sell illegally in black business to win a lot of money” said Gjoci. But in fact there are a lot of questions that the Albanian investigators, the Greek authorities and certainly CIA experts and Europol "must clear" this arrest.

There are information’s that the weapons are in reality target trafficking to Greece or to criminal groups?

Is Gjoci linked with “traficants” in Greece or may be in Tirana, in Albania, linked with Albanian terrorist or criminal group?

There is information that; is Gjoci linked with Terrorist Group in Greece, or Albanian paramilitary extremist group?

The arsenal arms capture from Albanian police is object against the visit of the President of US in Tirana next June?

Is Alban Gojci linked with an Islamic group which operates in Albania? Anyway, the CIA, Europol and others Intelligence foreign structures, which operate in Albania, against terrorist groups and Albanian Organized Crime, are in alert particularly in occasion of historic visit of the President of USA George Bush in Tirana.

Two years ago a criminal group from Northern Albania related with Montenegrin trafficants, are arrested from Albanian authorities and interrogated from CIA experts, sequestering great arsenal arms and weapons including hand missiles “Strela” and intelligent command bombs, which use from terrorist group in the world.

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