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Newsletter on Immigration to Greece

Editor: Ioannis Kolovos

Turkey signs deal to let EU send back illegal immigrants
This deal is a step in the right direction but, as Turkey has signed similar agreements in the past, it remains to be seen whether the Turkish side will honour their part in it.

A relevant news-report by “The Guardian” can be read here (in English)

Unemployment much higher for foreign nationals
According to the latest Labor Force Survey (3rd quarter of 2013) the unemployment rate of foreign nationals was much higher compared to the Greeks (36.6% compared to 26.1% respectively).

The relevant press release by the National Statistics Authority can be read here (in Greek only)

Police officers found guilty of having formed a ring which issued residence permits to illegal immigrants
The ring, which was operating in Thessaloniki, consisted of four police officers, one lawyer and two foreign nationals and had provided residence permits to dozens of illegal immigrants in exchange for cash.

A relevant news-report (Efimerida ton Syntakton, 20/12/2013) can be read here (in Greek only)

Greeks and Albanians remain ambivalent about one another
ELIAMEP and the Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) teamed-up in an effort to map the attitudes and perceptions that Greeks and Albanians hold for one another. Two parallel opinion polls took place in Albania by the AIIS in April 2013 and in Greece by Public Issue, commissioned by ELIAMEP, in November 2013.

The ELIAMEP study can be read in full here (in English)

The-Greek-public-opinon-towards-Albania-Final-report-Dec-2013.pdfA brief overview of the findings of the AIIS study can be found here (in English)

Migration and border control to be a main priority of the Hellenic presidency of the EU
The Hellenic Presidency aims to concentrate its efforts at highlighting the positive aspects of a comprehensive migration management and, at the same time, attempt to tackle the problems arising from illegal migration in the economy, social cohesion and political stability.

The Programme and Priorities of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU can be read here (in English)

Let’s not forget our North-West border as well!
The mayors of six towns located near the Greek-Albanian border have sent a joint letter to the Prime Minister requesting the increase of border surveillance not only with the presence of border guards but with the presence of Frontex forces as well.

A relevant news-report (Efimerida ton Syntakton, 15/1/2014) can be read here (in Greek only)

Police restructuring will add special focus on border surveillance
Minister for Public Order Mr Nikolaos Dendias announced the restructuring of the Hellenic Police along three branches, one of which will be the Foreigners’ and Border Protection Branch.

The relevant press-release by the Ministry of Public Order can be read here (in Greek only)

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