We have repeatedly warned from this page that illegal migration has shaped itself into a national security threat that unceremoniously pushes aside “humanitarian concerns” and the hypocritical touting of the issue by various “NGOs” and other self-appointed “experts” and ready critics, not to mention the UN itself.

Yet another catastrophic military intervention by the West, this time in Libya, and the widespread internal destabilization of other Arab countries, have created the conditions for the illegal migration threat to assume unprecedented proportions. The developing crisis has finally attracted the attention of “central” European powers to the fast approaching breakdown because of uncontrollable waves of North African undocumented migrants crashing onto European shores.

Intelligence analysis as we address an increasingly uncertain world, devoid of the “stabilities” of the Cold War and bipolarity, demands new ways and a new mindset.

It is not at all certain that the US Intelligence Community is sufficiently prepared for the task looming ahead. The same can be said of Western intelligence agencies in general. The tenor of debate about future requirements and methods is bound to increase, just like the need to device novel ways and methodologies of educating intelligence analysts. An old adage says that an intelligence product is as good as the people who put their brains behind it -- and as simplistic and obvious this might sound, it continues to be one of the toughest equations to tackle and successfully solve to the benefit of sound government decision-making and, ultimately, the defense and promotion of national interests.

Dr Joseph Fitsanakis
(Department of History and Political Science, King College, USA and Senior Editor at intelNews.org.)

Copyright: www.rieas.gr

Note: Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis has written this original article specifically for RIEAS. 

The WikiLeaks cablegate revelations appear to be subsiding in the new year, and so is the public debate about their meaning and consequences.

A little over a year ago, Athens and several other cities in Greece were in flames. The trigger for that unprecedented wave of violence was the shooting death of a high school student by police. Within minutes of the shooting, throngs of anarchists, hooded street thugs, and looters, Greek as well as foreign, intermingled with students of all levels and other "discontented" youth, some of whom were as young as twelve (!) had seized the streets and begun burning, plundering, and laying waste across businesses, large and small, banks, public buildings, and university campuses.

Summertime in Greece is traditionally a period of letting sleeping dogs lie, a time when most people retreat into the slumber associated with the holidays and the general slowdown across the spectrum.

This is the time when unpalatable facts and figures are generally removed from broadcasting the “news”, with program schedulers going en masse for inane “human interest” topics; the latest on the price of ferry boat tickets; and such volcanically important announcements as the latest trysts of popular female reality television hosts and the saucy developments in the bottom feeder “glamour” sub-culture populating Greece’s “glittery” islands.

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