One of the key factors upon which viable growth can be built is human security. Approaching human security with the requisite attention has been practically absent from the continuing chaotic “debate” on how to address the Greek crisis.

One of RIEAS’s main targets over the past three years has been to publicize the issue of illegal immigration that has evolved into a long-term threat for this country. Greece has become the holding facility for swarms of mainly Asian and African undocumented aliens, who are daily pushed over an undefended border into Greek territory by neo-Ottoman Turkey.

Alexis Giannoulis
(RIEAS Research Associate & Security Analyst)


The definition of National Security is changing. The latter years have seen a rise in multidimensional threats to states and population including both man-made (e.g. terrorism) as well as natural hazards with the two sometimes interacting (shortage of a particular natural resource creating violence or terrorist activity or indeed foreign intervention).

Likewise, unemployment is the source of a series of social and, in extension, political problems a country, any country can face. In addition, unemployment is in itself an indicator of several possible malfunctions and wrongdoings as far as public policy or the very structure of a society and an economy are concerned. Whereas high unemployment rates in parts of Africa, Asia and Central and South America have been so far the norm with relatively high rates of criminal activity and state failure, the recent financial and consequentially social crises in both North America as well as Europe provide an interesting and challenging paradigm of the correlation of unemployment and an increase in the risks to National Security.

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