inteloversight9YAURI-MIRANDA, Jaseff Raziel
(University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU)

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Publication date: 9 June 2019

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How is the relationship between intelligence and accountability in the last years? In different countries, this dilemma has been treated in a different fashion according to four principles: a) Responsibility, in the internal controls and institutional designs to configure the community of intelligence. b) Regulation, in the oversight and control of intelligence by Parliamentary bodies. c) Justice, as in the judicial authorization and control of intelligence activities that affect fundamental rights of citizens (Bovens et al., 2014); and d) Trust, in the participation of citizens in governmental policies or in the closer connection between authority and legitimacy. This text shows the basic patterns of accountability in those points, as well as the dilemmas and forms to improve the legitimacy of intelligence services in Spain and Brazil....Read more