Zhyldyz Oskonbaeva
(RIEAS Senior Advisor & Eurasian Liaison)

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Power - defined as access to national assets and possession of territorial integrity has to be always ensured by someone. It is always ready to be guarded by force if needed and by the civil order of the people in order to perpetuate it. Whether it is purely religious, political dogma or indoctrination, all facets of society have to be uniquely harmonized in order to be effective. The unity of ruling power often assures this either through ethnical, religious, professional, even tribal congeniality or their combination.  Even the most narcissistic ruler needs close allies in the military corps and intelligence so he will not lose this power. Although there are too many historical examples where kings or dictators were assassinated by those entrusted with their safety, it is still expected for those ruling within an elite minority to retain this unity.  In return, the safety of one assures the rise of the other within the clique, at least professionally. With the rise of one of their own to the top, patronage dictates that a brother, cousin, member of the tribe or even sect will benefit as well.... Read more 

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