Jean Labrique and Dr. Bruce D. Tefft,
(Secretary General and Vice-President to Western Defense Studies Institute (WDSI)


From the very beginning of his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama, has constantly proved his preferences for the Islamic World.  Every decision with an Islamic element to it has always been in favor of Muslims at the expense of traditional America policies and allies.

Bowing in front of the King of Saudi’s House, his speech in Cairo, and many other occasions are proofs of this observation.

Obama’s early withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq will leave the 2 countries to the machinations of radical rogue state Iran and a resurgent Taliban/al-Qaeda.  Obama has already abandoned Lebanon to the Iranian terrorist front organization Hizballah and is in the process of forcing Israeli submission to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian Liberation Organization and HAMAS.

The so-called “Arab Spring” encouraged and supported by Obama (contrary to what he did with the dissidents in Iran) has already seen the return of al-Qaeda linked al-Nahda in Tunisia and al-Qaeda linked Libyan Fighting Group in Libya, not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Qaeda and HAMAS progenitor) in Egypt.  Turkey has been lost to Europe and NATO in the hands of Islamists as well.  Algeria, Morocco, Yemen and Niger will soon fall.  In Syria, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are waiting for the fall of Assad.

Famously “leading from behind”, Obama embroiled France, Italy and England in  war against Libya; only Germany was shrewd enough not to fall into the trap…motivated by fears of its own population of radical Muslim Turkish immigrants.

I am puzzled by this reorganization of the geopolitical ground around the Mediterranean area. It reminds me of the dislocation of the Ottoman Empire after WWI.
At the time, the hidden agenda from the allies was essentially economic. They needed to divide between themselves the enormous richness in oil, which was one of the essential reasons for the “sharing” between the winners of the war.

Alas for France, they got the poorer part of the redesigned and recreated countries with England acquiring the larger portion of the spoils.  After WWII things changed, and the USA became the major economic player in oil industry in the area and supported the Saudi’s house and the Shah of Iran.

You all know the role of the Obama’s ideological predecessor, Jimmy Carter and France in overthrowing the Shah, with the consequences we now pay the price for.
A new concept in International law was created during and after the (also led by a Democratic Muslim Sympathizer, Bill Clinton) Balkans war:  “le droit d’ingérence humantaire”. This allows countries to intervene in interior affairs of others if they can justify it with the excuse that the human rights of a part of the population is threatened.

For the Europeans, economic considerations still play a large role as we can watch the EU scramble for reconstruction contracts in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.  The Americans are likely to be edged out of these “rewards”…even China and Russia are picking at the spoils.  However, Obama seems to be content with fulfilling the primary Islamic mandate of advancing Islam with the creation of a world-wide Caliphate enabled by the dimunition of American and Western influence and power in the world caused by deliberately destructive economic policies resulting also in military and political cutbacks.


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