anne9Anne Speckhard, Ph.D.


The decades of military efforts and loss of human lives on the part of western governments against terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and most recently ISIS, have proven insufficient to eliminate the threat of militant jihadi terrorist attacks both domestically and abroad, as evidenced in recent attacks in Iraq, Syria, France, UK, Belgium, Spain, and elsewhere. Terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda continue to inspire and call for violence, increasing unease among the citizens of many countries worldwide. Read more

doha99Kyle Shideler
(Director of the Counter-Islamist Grid (CIG)

Copyright: - February 8, 2019 Reposted at RIEAS web site on 24 February 10, 2019.

Despite international criticism, the small peninsula state of Qatar has long played an outside role in harboring Islamists, including violent jihadists -- whether the political leadership of Hamas, or the "unofficial Embassy" of the Afghan Taliban. Read more

medconf19Copyright: - February 8, 2019 – Reposted at RIEAS web site 10 February 10, 2019.

The Middle East Forum hosted experts, officials and over 100 attendees on February 6 in Washington, D.C. for a first-of-its-kind conference examining whether Qatar is a U.S. ally or global menace. (Click here for conference videos.)

"It's not too much of an open question," said MEF president Daniel Pipes, noting the #QatarTheMenace Twitter hashtag. "The wealth of the country and the drive of its leadership have made it into an international force." Read more

qatarphoto9Oren Litwin
(Associate Director of the Islamism in Politics Project)

Copyright: – 30 January 2019.


Nominally, the mission of the Qatar Foundation International (QFI, an affiliate of the Qatar Foundation or QF, which is based in Qatar itself) is to spread and facilitate the teaching of Arabic. While this does not encompass everything they do, Arabic-language and Arabic-culture teaching is the predominant theme in QFI's activity. QFI's activities can largely be divided into two parts. Read more

southasia91photoAnita Rai
(Counterterrorism expert and consultant based in London, UK; contributor to Intelligence and Security Journals and organizations, author of "Jihad and Terrorism")

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Note: The article reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the views of the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS).

“India, Sindh, i.e. Pakistan, and then China will be conquered. Hind, Sindh, i.e. Pakistan and China too will be conquered. This whole region will be conquered by the army of Mahdi (Peace is upon Him). Rulers of India will be tied up in chains. Bound in chains, they will be presented before the throne of Hazrat Mahdi (Peace is upon Him) in Jerusalem.” ..Read more

preventrad99Ammar El Benni
Cristian Troncota

Copyright: Research Institute for European and American Studies ( Publication date: 21 April 2018

Note: The article reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the views of the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS).

The terrorist attacks that shook Europe in the last five years have been committed by young people raised and educated in Western societies, and most of whom had been already known by the law enforcement community in the countries where they lived. While violent radicalisation is not a new phenomenon, its most recent manifestations, its scale and the use of new communication tools pose new challenges that must be addressed through a joint effort of all relevant actors across society. This reflection paper proposes the development of a strengthened partnership between the education sector (schools and universities) and the Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) to develop a comprehensive communication strategy for counter-radicalisation at national and European level, by mentioning the American model as a possible model to follow. ..Read more

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