Daniel Little  
(RIEAS Senior Advisor)

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In its purest form, the whole notion of ‘strategic judo’ is to use the momentum of a bigger, heavier opponent against them in self-defense.  This underlying premise contends that despite one’s size, those that are resolute, willing to learn and act decisively can gain the respect of those around them.  In terms of economics and international politics, one of the starkest examples of ‘strategic judo’ is unfolding in the Eastern Mediterranean.  In the past, power was blanketed through military alliances against the imposition of threat.  In other words, deterrence correlated directly with joining a coalition or a pact sponsored by a superpower.  This cohesive framework fostered a sense of avoidance by potentially larger, more bellicose countries. This example is somewhat different.   Following Israel’s lead and with the help of a few select companies and partnering countries, Greece, Cyprus and Israel will form a trio to become an energy powerhouse.  While not in the same league in size and strength as many of their neighbors, the combination posed by these three will certainly reverse their fortunes in ways wholly unanticipated.....  Read more  

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