k5By Dr. Ajay Kumar (PhD)
(Chairman & Managing Director, Fox Petroleum Group of Companies)

Copyright: @ 2022 Research Institute for European and American Studies (www.rieas.gr) Publication date: 17 April 2022

Note: The article reflects the opinion of the author and not necessarily the views of the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS)

China is far ahead in consumption and sourcing for future stock amid crisis during conflict in South China sea. On the other hand, to boost economy Russia is now closing big LNG deals with China. We can observe this by sustained Chinese demand even amid ramp-up of pipeline gas to China from Russia’s ‘Power of Siberia’. Asian liquefied natural gas spot prices and oil-linked LNG contract prices are expected to remain high throughout 2022 and 2023 and would only decline back to non-crisis levels around 2027-28 midyear, depending on geopolitical events, which includes Chinese invasion on Taiwan..... Read more

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