marsec6Raagini Sharma
(RIEAS Senior Analyst, and Research Director, Indic Researchers Forum)

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Publication date: 26 February 2022

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Maritime Diplomacy is the management of international relations by a nation through the activities in oceanic waters, primarily aimed at deploying its navy, coast guards or other maritime constabulary, thus taking the leverage of the Sea Power for gaining favourable diplomatic outcomes in alignment with the foreign and defence policies of a nation. It is an orchestration of sea power with the forces at the nation’s disposal to send signals to friendly, non-friendly and neutral countries about the intent of the nation backed up by its economic and military capacity and capability to the extent it can seamlessly employ all its instruments of power.

Maritime diplomacy encompasses a spectrum of activities to pursue the national interests that may be to safeguard and protect its territorial waters or play a bigger role in the dynamics of the regional or global balance of power. Accordingly, the navy will play a role in the state mechanisms. Maritime diplomacy can be cooperative, persuasive, coercive or hybrid. ...Read more


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