On April 12, 2011, RIEAS Director John M. Nomikos, along with Senior Analyst Aya Burweila and Research Associate Georgios Protopapas, met with a visiting delegation from the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). Headed by SIIS President Dr. Yang Jiemian, who actually extended the kind invitation to meet, the Chinese delegation also comprised:

Dr. JIANG Xiyuan, Senior Associate, Institute of International Strategy, SIIS,
Dr. SHAO Yuqun, Deputy Director, Institute of Taiwan, HK and Macau Studies, SIIS,
Mr. ZHA Xiaogang, Researcher, Institute of World Economy, SIIS,
Ms. LOU Xiangfei, Researcher, Institute of Foreign Policy, SIIS,
Mr. LU Chuanying, Researcher, Institute of Data Processing, SIIS.

The meeting covered a wide range of issues including the current situation in North Africa and Middle East and its implications for the longer term future of the region; China-Greece Relations; China-EU Relations and the role of Greece; the transformation of the world economic systems and the role of G20; and Transatlantic Relations and the new role of NATO.

At the conclusion of the nearly two-hour long meeting, Dr. Yang Jiemian extended a further invitation to RIEAS to plan for a visit to Shanghai with the view of expanding mutual relations, which would include RIEAS participation in SIIS workshops and conferences, RIEAS commentary contributions to SIIS, and the all-round promotion of the exchange of information between the two institutions.

We are honored and pleased to establish a formal connection to SIIS. China not only plays a steadily growing key strategic role in global affairs today, but it has also demonstrated a strong interest in further developing diplomatic and economic relations with Greece. The visit by Chinese Vice-Premier Zhang Dejiang, in June 2010, and the three-day visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, in October 2010, highlighted China’s continuing interest in the economic prospects of Greece and the broader issue of supporting the European Union overcome the current fiscal crisis.

We are looking forward to a visit to Shanghai and will be applying all possible diligence to promoting and strengthening our relations with the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies.


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