fpgreeceOn June 27, 2021, the Greek Cypriot daily Simerini [Daily] addressed on open letter to Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Written in Greek, the letter is quoted below in translation done by theperiscope.substack.com

Copyright: @ 2021 Original Greek at https://simerini.sigmalive.com/article/2021/6/27/akouste-k-metsotake/


Listen, Mr. Mitsotakis,

You’re doing all you can, and correctly so, in order to avoid confrontation, conflict, [and] war with “friendly neighbor” Turkey. The Conqueror “friend” of Cyprus. The claimant “neighbor” of the Aegean and Thrace. This appeasement policy the Turk consistently translates into WEAKNESS...
With a recent smile [addressed] to Europe, the Turk got rid of the notorious SANCTIONS, which fed the Greek People as communication [fodder] for years.
And tomorrow, when Washington will be caressing Turkey [and orchestrating] her return to NATO’s bosom, American sanctions will be lifted as well.... sanctions which were of course decided upon not because of the Turk’s International Illegalities and his threats against Greece and Cyprus [but because] of the procurement of the Russian S-400 [missile system]. .... Read more

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