This basic principle has been obviously forgotten by the Greek administrations that came to power since 2009 and surrendered Greece to her creditors and, principally, Germany.

This surrender, without a single shot being fired in anger, has destroyed the Greek economy (with all its problems and shortcomings); has driven at least one third of the population of Greece under the poverty line recognized by the (so-called) European Union; has triggered the biggest mass emigration of the young since the end of WWII; has driven suicides up by 50%, making Greece one of the foremost victims of  self-destruction globally; and has pushed the country under thinly-veiled foreign occupation represented locally by  foreign “technical assistance” teams and EU officials in the unofficial but crucial role of Gauleiters.

To drive the knife deeper into the wound, the Samaras government is bringing to parliament a law that throws the gates of the Greek state wide open to the creditors to claim all national assets with absolutely no exception in order to satisfy their demands.

The law, the government claims, is a “prerequisite” for Greece to receive further “bailout” aid from the lenders in March 2013 so that she can continue to shoot herself now in the limbs, now in her torso. 

Bluntly speaking, it will allow the lenders to come in and lift everything, including the family silver, with Greece voluntarily dropping her national sovereignty and accepting not/not to pursue cases against the lenders in the courts.

Mr. Samaras, just like his immediate predecessors, exists in a shadowy political space narrowly divided from what any sane historian, lawyer, and international expert would recognize immediately as aiding and abetting parties that glaringly seek the reduction of national sovereignty and the permanent injury of the people of Greece.

I care little to hear the usual choir crow that without these fatal, self-inflicted wounds Greece won’t be “saved.” Since she is already dying, she is beyond “saving” as the lenders propose.

Between genocide by taxation, destruction via outrageous income cutbacks, wrecking by shutting down government investment, and, finally, exploding the very foundations of our country by entering into bestial agreements as above, our “democratically” elected government stares at a colossal separation from the body of people who supposedly gave it the “right” to act as it does.

If this latest atrocity does not push public opinion into total mobilization against the “troika”-induced pandemic threatening to finish Greece as a physical entity, then we will deserve what comes next.

Liberty and national sovereignty are not on offer. They are won at every moment of every day of every year thanks to our vigilance and willingness to sacrifice.


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