Mr. Samaras himself has spectacularly morphed into a firebrand defender of German policies, which guarantee the death of Greece, after spending his stint in the opposition benches preaching feverishly against austerity and Europe’s obvious effort to transform Greece into a feudal possession of banks, lenders, and “investors.”

Last week, Greece’s “partners” played Mr. Samaras like a cat plays a mouse just before she devours him.

The deliberate delay in releasing the now infamous “next tranche” is but yet another waterboarding session for the hapless Greek coalition government. And at the end of this particular tunnel lies the effective takeover of Greek banks by foreign commissars appointed by the EU (read Germany); and Berlin’s plan for the “Germanization” of all processes of a Greek default so that Greece becomes a vassal entity whose helot population is subjected to “destruction by labor” plus confiscatory taxation, a method the Germans know all too well since they practiced it extensively in older days.

That Greece must default and her sovereign debt written off completely is the common truth rejected by Mrs. Merkel, who needs losing German taxpayers’ money like a hole in the head.

Greece cannot hope to recover, even by a sliver, under “governance” like Mr. Samaras’s and German “guidance.” The Greek social fabric is disintegrating fast; the Greek economy has been damaged beyond recovery by the “troika’s” insanity; Greek politics are spinning out of control, with anti-democratic forces gaining by leaps and bounds; and the Greek future appears darker than what the country experienced between 1944 and 1949.

The collapse of the Samaras administration is a mere question of time. But the political fortunes of a yet another bunch of already bankrupt politicos are of no concern to Greeks who are being punished mercilessly every day.  Instead, the Greek people are looking for truly patriotic leadership and direction. But estimates about Greece’s successor regime are murkier than ever.  The choice between an autistic Left and violent forces of the Right is impossible.

Providing loans to a clinically dead country in order to recycle them back into your own pockets, and thus continue with the macabre charade of the “non-default,” is hardly the solution. Soon, Europe, including Germany, will experience the consequences in their streets and on the skins of their inept, bamboozling, deceiving, and lying political classes.
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