Mr. Samaras, just like his politically disappeared predecessor George Papandreou, promised again that this was “the last time” salaries and pensions are butchered on orders from the troika Oberkommando. The Greek PM believes what they say about this proverbial "last time" (or, they know that they are lying, in which case their behavior toward the Greek people is all the more odious).

There isn't an economist worth his computer keyboard out there who does not recognize Greece's "bailout" as an abject disaster, a Final Solution threatening to destroy the very existence of Greece.

With unemployment now standing at an official 25% (no one dares think of the unofficial viz. real  figures, like 55% among the young); with the sovereign debt climbing fast beyond the 190% of GDP (!) budget underestimate of Mr. Samaras toward the unbelievable 200%; with millions of families stripped of their bare means of survival; and with the Oberkommando still warning that "more cutbacks, more austerity" are necessary, the fate of Greece appears darker and more desperate than ever before.

Greece officially possesses the horrendous record of a European country suffering an unprecedented fiscal disaster in peacetime, on top of having imposed on herself  the amputation of incomes by 40-50% thus fixing the deathbed for all but the few corrupt robber barons and their political minions.

The most credible "alternative future" right now is that Greece's Great Depression won't go away before it unhinges the nation and quite possibly detsroys Greece's admittedly imperfect democracy which, however, is the only democracy the Greeks have. Already, the extreme right Golden Dawn party has entered parliament and seems on its way of further gains.

As for the foreign "mystery forces" they are all very clearly defined and visible: first and foremost, Angela Merkel's Germany, including such luminous ministers as Wolfgang Schaeuble, plus the philo-German claque of "European partners," with special mention going to Austria, Finland and that paragon of political ethics, Slovakia (incidentally, all three of these 'partners' fought on the side of the Nazis during World War Two, the first as an integral part of Greater Germany, the other two as useful sidekicks, in the titanic struggle with the USSR).

Greece's  Final Solution (Die Endlösung) "... may be a winning political formula in Germany, where Ms. Merkel stands for re-election next year. But it is a profound, and profoundly unnecessary, tragedy for Greece".
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