And everybody knew that the Prince would almost for sure screw up badly, even to the point of taking down both Pasok and Greece in one fell swoop.

This prophecy was fulfilled between 2009 and 2011.

Giorgaki led his party to electoral victory in 2009 capitalizing on voters’ anger and dissatisfaction aimed at a previous bumbling, corrupt conservative government that had literally ignored the country’s desperate economic state. Giorgaki adopted the war cry “Money exists” and went on to win the election with a hefty 10-point lead that surprised even his most dedicated admirers.

Then, in quick succession, Giorgaki and his band of political mediocrities comprising the “cabinet,” went on to take Greece straight into the arms of the IMF. It emerged that Giorgaki -- who always figured himself a world-caliber diplomat and international statesman -- had been in secret consultations with Dominique Strauss-Khan, then IMF boss, even before the 2009 election on how to put the IMF’s shackles on Greece and thus effectively bring this institution inside the European “union.”

What followed was the greatest disaster that has befallen this country in peacetime since her inception in the 1830s..

Giorgaki, surrounded by a small band of sycophants without any connection to Greek politics and running a country, proceeded to accomplish the following unforgotten feats of glory:

a)  Wreck what was left of Greece’s international credibility by missing no opportunity to describe the country publicly as corrupt, disjointed, thieving, loafing, and a “Titanic” about to be swallowed by the seas -- and thus win the unprecedented record of the first ever Greek prime minister who spent a good chunk of his time driving his country into the ground as part of a conscious “strategy” of “cleansing” via denigration, insult, and the most atrocious accusations against Greek society.

b)  Blindly agree to a devastating austerity plan, concocted by the IMF and the rocket scientists of the European “union,” which guaranteed the destruction of all of Greece’s productive capacities and the brutal pauperization of the great majority of the Greek people via burgeoning unemployment, wild-eyed taxation, illegal and unconstitutional amputation of salaries and pensions, and the most evil-minded plan of “domestic devaluation” put into place by the IMF’s professional destroyers.

c)  Make Greece a guinea pig in the hands of a Germany quickly growing into a neo-colonial “central” power, with obvious tendencies to adopt again mindsets which have led to devastating conflicts in the past; and accept surrendering national sovereignty to German and other foreign overseers, acting in the guise of “technical advisers” and installed in Athens by decree of Brussels and Berlin, in a thinly-veiled replay of the Nazi occupation of Greece between 1941 and 1944.

d)  Cause the most frightening unraveling of Greek society thrown into a grinder Greece last experienced during the Second World War and the communist insurgency after its conclusion that is forcing thousands of the best and brightest Greeks to seek to escape to other countries and a future of guaranteed unemployment and hunger, and unprecedented hundreds of others committing suicide crushed by personal bankruptcy and the threat of the taxman.

e)  Consciously pursue policies that enhance illegal immigration which has turned into the Number One national security threat in recent years in a shambolic implementation of personal obsessions with “multiculturalism” and the need to pull Greece out of her “backward” past by killing her history, traditions, and folk culture and inundating the country with mostly Third World illiterate and religiously fanatic throngs.

f)  Open Greece to potential loss of territory by decidedly weakening her armed forces and ignoring Turkey’s expansionist neo-Ottoman plans in the name of a retarded “Greek-Turkish friendship” that has been Papandreou’s pet project ever since he was the foreign minister during past Pasok administrations.

g)  And score as the first ever Greek prime minister who, by declaring his intention to take Greece to a referendum over a European “union”-approved death march “bailout” plan, unhinged international markets for 48 hours, sent bourses tumbling around the globe, wiped out some $2.3 trillion during frantic trading, angered Germany and France to the point of both demanding Greece’s exit from the Eurozone if she would not change course, and placed Greece firmly in “disordered default” territory.

To paraphrase Churchill’s famous phrase about the Battle of Britain, never before just one Greek person succeeded in causing such grave damage to so many in such a short period of time by being just himself.

George Papandreou, who was ushered in as the Prince of Pasok, has been kicked out wearing the cloak of the Prince of (Greek) Darkness. He is the man French President Sarkozy recently described as “crazy” and “depressed.” He leaves behind scorched earth and a country left open to the kind of political vandalism by “friends and partners” which can easily lead to her eventual demise.


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