This surreal charade is the routine last ditch defense the Papandreou regime has adopted as part of its conscious propaganda campaign to terrorize an already desperate public with the threat of “not getting the next bailout tranche” and running out of money for salaries and pensions.

And having surrendered totally to the lenders from the outset, the regime just suffered the added, unique humiliation of having to provide in writing promises to Frau Merkel and the rest of the kommandantur, signed by Papandreou and his finance minister Venizelos, that Greece will abide faithfully by the terms of the Troika. This was another world first for the Papandreou regime in its capacity as a collaborator “national government” within the European “union.”

As Papandreou’s former “friends” in Europe lose faith in the Greek “socialist’s” capacity to ram “reform” down Greek throats Ceausescu style, he is losing his taste for playing prime minister. Largely absent from the public eye in recent weeks, Papandreou has left Venizelos, and his unstoppable tongue, to carry the ball through thick and thin. The net result has been unbelievable confusion and vicious new man-killing austerity outlined on the back of an envelope.

Meantime, more and more Greeks commit suicide, more and more Greeks lose their jobs and their businesses, and more and more Greek families collapse into poverty not seen since the years of the first German Occupation of 1941-44.

The regime, knowing it will be blown to smithereens if it dares go to the ballot box, has been stubbornly refusing to acknowledge it stands alone, separated from the public by only a thin line of anti-riot police, and is digging in by assuming increasingly hardening semi-totalitarian methods and practices that turn the constitution into a door mat and laws into travesty.

Only recently, Venizelos delivered a fierce tirade in parliament where he declared that Greeks, irrespective of capacity and/or place in society, have no right to criticize “the government” because any such action “detracts” from the efforts of the lenders to dismember the country at their own pace.

A rumor has just surfaced that the Papandreou regime is secretly putting the army on alert fearing social unrest that the club-wielding riot squads won’t be able to contain. If indeed this rumor is true, Papandreou has just opened the door of the lunatic asylum and ushered himself and his entire group of willing collaborators in.

Media commentators and average people have been referring increasingly lately to “Goudi” in connection with the actions of the regime. Goudi is the location of a former army camp in Athens where, in eras past, traitors faced the firing squad and putsch-engineering officers had their shoulder boards ceremoniously torn off their uniforms in a display of utter dishonor. Goudi played a key role in the last putsch Greece had on April 21, 1967.

Greece is no stranger to what Papandreou may have in mind, if he indeed has alerted the army. But he and his last remaining sidekicks should contemplate very carefully the implications of detonating something they won’t be able to control. This will be a game for big boys which could consume the regime whole, along with the rest of the country, in a ball of fire that will leave precious little standing for the lenders to plunder after “privatization” goes through.
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