These three un-quenchable little big monsters, now challenging even superpowers like the United States, require an unending spiral of accumulating debt so that servicing it, slicing it, re-packaging it, re-selling it, re-mortgaging it, and re-structuring it can create more rivers of profit via entirely non-productive activity -- “parasitic activity” would be the words that any good Marxist would perhaps use. 

The current swirl is now in the process of smashing, consuming and destroying countries like Greece, Ireland, and Portugal and will come knocking at the door of the Italians soon.

“United” Europe, meantime, tap dances like a drunkard around the open trap door to the roaring blast furnace mainly because its northern partners, with the fatter economies, have decided the “peripheral” members are expendable but not before everything possible is done so that banks and “investors” (i.e. loan sharks and associated species) lose as little as possible.

Just like in the 1930s, the political midgets, who run the European “union” and its larger countries, choose to ignore the vast tectonic activity cracking the ground under their feet; and they also choose to wear their blinders concerning the expressed intention of the “markets” to wholly crush national economies and destroy the present and future of tens of millions of people at one fell swoop.

Today, no Nazi tanks are expected to come rolling in imminently. But today’s onslaught by the sturm of the “markets” is vastly more destructive than a tank blitzkrieg, promising to return a substantial part of the so-called “developed” world to levels of standard of living (adjusted for inflation etc. of course) last seen around the end of World War Two.

Greece couldn’t be less prepared to face this Armageddon than it is today.

With an inert economy drawing its last breaths under the hammering of an endless cycle of austerity, driven by the insanity of both the European “union” and that other extinguisher of nations, the IMF, Greece finds itself in the hands of the Papandreou regime, a sworn servant in the employ of “investors” and totally separated from its constitutional and moral obligation to serve and protect this country’s population, first and foremost.

Greece, courtesy of the Papandreou regime and its outside controllers, has already suffered fatal strategic blows: savage cuts of salaries and pensions are bleeding the vast majority of the population white and reducing millions to a state of permanent impoverishment; mad “rationalization” schemes have transformed the private sector into a rotting carcass, with more than one million on the unemployment rolls; and pending orders for more genocidal austerity, promising to exhaust what is left of this country into the very distant future, are brewing with a passion.

The criminal nincompoops, who still parrot support for the Papandreou regime, and its “medium-term fiscal strategy” that was recently enacted, after the original IMF/EU ordnung failed disastrously, in order to lead to another catastrophic failure, have run out of demagogic “rationales” and the usual spate of excuses used to buttress the unsustainable lies churned out daily by Papandreou

But, of course, they won’t give up even at this 12th hour of Greece being pushed down the precipice of default by the chorus of its domestic and outside enemies.

As the water rises to our chests, the puppeteers of the regime in and out of parliament -- all of them shameless, ignorant, and supremely arrogant -- continue their grotesque acrobatics before the cameras, hopping to the tune of their controllers: “structured default” is not a “real event;” Greece would not go bankrupt under any circumstances; its banks are totally, entirely, and absolutely safe; those who protest are enemies of the state; and so on and so forth.

As the onslaught of the “markets” sweeps everything in its path, we are left defenseless, divided, and undermined from the inside.

This is not the first time that this convergence of fatal circumstances affects the future of Hellenism; but it is certainly a time that will lead to our collapse and demise if the Papandreou regime is allowed to continue unmolested with its methodical dismemberment of the country as it fulfills its contract with the lenders -- signed with our blood.

The chips are down, therefore, and as Greeks like to monotonously repeat, without ever honoring the call, “This is the time for everyone to assume their responsibilities.”

Otherwise, there won’t be a tomorrow, even for picking up the pieces.





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