Allow us to set aside, for a moment, our domestic criticism of the election result, the true “politics” of the Papandreou regime, the obvious personal motivations of our prime minister, all of them inimical to this country, and what goes inside the mind of those who support regimes like his.

Let us come to your words and your estimates, all of them so blatantly wrong as to make anyone’s bones ache but obviously motivated by your organization’s aims and tactics.

We had no doubt that you would latch quickly onto the Papandreou regime’s propaganda output and discover a “majority” where none exists, but, to be honest, we did not expect such a blatant commentary praising the purported agreement of a whole people (the ‘population’ as you colonially put it) to their own certain demise by IMF and European fiat in collaboration with local willing hacks.

We know that it means nothing to you that an unprecedented 54 percent of the Greek electorate stayed away from the elections; that 33 out of the recently abrogated 54 prefectures of Greece went the opposition’s way; and that the Papandreou regime’s candidates, in most races, “won” by the slightest of margins despite the orgy of scare-mongering and other “special measures” undertaken by the regime in order to secure the desired outcome, not to mention the massive abstention that primarily hurt the opposition.

We understand completely your disinclination of publicly recognizing the true de-legitimizing effects of “elections” like these when this disarticulation of Greece -- such a grand experiment, never undertaken before inside the “Eurozone,” which supposedly would protect its members from your fangs -- is in progress.

We also know that you don’t give one shot of wind on whether this country turns into a Third World cesspool by virtue of your “help” (that has impoverished nation after nation with relentless efficiency) and your demands for skinning every living Greek (and then some of the dead ones too) on the stake so that “targets” may be achieved and the “program” may be completed.

We realize, and certainly understand, that turning countries into valleys replete with bleached bones of millions isn’t all that terrible-looking on the screen of your laptop; pure, neat numbers, arranged in columns and rows, with little blue-hued figures on the bottom line indicating “targets achieved,” have a notoriously sweet effect on one’s own conscience, especially if that conscience has been rigorously versed in the requirements and “values” of grand politics (yes, we realize you aspire to become president of France).

We are sure the Book of the Dead in German concentration camps had the same eerily soothing impact on commandants and other senior officers dishing out death on a massive industrial scale.

We realize that you are fully protected in making comments about the very existence of peoples as outrageous as the above. After all, you have been given blanket license to do exactly that as part of your role in pushing “aid” upon the unfortunate, the unlucky, or the purely imbecilic (all three conditions apply to Greece and its boondoggle governments of the last 35 years) designed to make the recipients galleon slaves for the better part of their natural lives.

We congratulate you on your nonchalant attitude and your off-the-cuff manner when commenting on the future of millions of families and the very existence of a society, however imperfect, on the throes of unraveling itself because of the suicidal “aid” plan now in place.

You have proven beyond a shade of doubt you are truly made for the highest political office.

We also realize that you wouldn’t be able to strut the way you do about Greece without the full collaboration and kowtowing on the part of the local discredited, threadbare, and country-killing “government” we have in place -- and we congratulate you on your deft manipulation of these corrupt lackeys.

We would be barefaced liars though, just like your pitiful collaborators here in Athens, if we would end this letter with the customary salutations and good wishes.

We would rather hope and wish that some day you would be subjected personally to a blow as crushing and calamitous as the one being dealt on all of us here in Greece right now by your “plans” and your local willing partners in desolation, destruction of lives, depression, and mass desperation.

Then, we will all be on the same level of misery and misfortune and perhaps become able to be more honest with each other.

We surely understand that you have provided yourself with the highest level of personal security that can be obtained against any such potential dire event.

But, you never know what may be in store for you -- just like we don’t.




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