In this macabre dance, Papandreou’s “government” stands like the village fool, obsessed with a manic dreamworld and dressed in the multicolor rags of the loony jester in a stage production chronicling catastrophe and criminal human foolishness.

Those who have observed Papandreou for some time know well his personal need to be seen as an international statesman of distinct note, who’s capable of grand strategic schemes and world-saving initiatives.

Over the years, the son of Andreas Papandreou, driven by who knows what inner urges, has invested heavily in building a reputation based on personal claims of Wilsonian world-embracing wisdom, Churchillian cool under stress, and Gandhian inner peace of a man who knows he’s chosen for The Mission. This is a hard card to match, especially since the person involved carries none of the personality traits of these famous, history-shaping predecessors.

To us, mere plebeians struggling to make a living though, these deeply ingrained ambitions of grandeur surrounding the current prime minister comprise only one added burden to the many that are crushing this country -- politically, socially, economically, and culturally.

We have come to painfully witness Mr. Papandreou’s fixation with his manic dreamworld as we go from bad to worse and with him presiding over Greece’s IMF-controlled New Occupation underpinned by diktats that have taken the knife down to the bone of our family income, an operation Papandreou’s finance minister, Papakonstantinou, calls, without any shame whatsoever, removing the “fat.” To him, our salaries and pensions are “fat” which may be cut out at random and at will without the slightest regard for the guinea pigs subjected to this dark econo-medical experimentation on orders from foreign controllers.

There is now the realization -- surprise, surprise! -- that the three years originally granted to Greece to recover (!) and pay back (!!) the 110 billion euros plus interest to our “saviors” of the IMF and the EU are simply not enough (anyone who actually, genuinely thought this was a ‘solution’ is of course either clinically psychotic or deliberately lying over the true intentions of our ‘saviors’).

The manic dreamworld of Papandreou did not perceive that the “package” would make not even a minor dent on the sovereign debt, expected to balloon by 2015 maybe beyond 150 or, even, 170 percent of GDP; or that the “package” would not control the deficits, create jobs, return Greece to growth and generate “competitiveness.”

The Memorandum, a document put together by “technocrats,” who see none of the destruction and collapse their computer models and algorithms cause, cannot, and must not, become the permanent foundation of governing this country (if there is anything left to govern that is, once Papandreou are done with dis-articulating us and throwing the leftovers over the cliff).

This proposition though, “government by Memorandum,” is shaping into the “alternative future” the New Occupation controllers are working on without the slightest opposition from Papandreou, Papakonstaninou and the rest of the disarrayed party currently in power.

Greece will be thus firmly shackled to a plank that will inevitably pull her down into the depths of a national catastrophe which would put past calamities this country has suffered to complete shame.

Those who have access to public opinion surveys, conducted with the view of serious contingency Greek analysis and not feeding the pro-government press with rubbish wrapped in brilliant tin foil, realize that, despite the “socialists’” intense propaganda campaign aimed to make the Memorandum appear the absolute measure of All That Is Good And Decent, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, Papandreou’s movement, is headed straight down the Tartarus alongside the rest of Greece’s political parties.

This fact does not offer relief, however, from the enormous impasse Greece faces as we speak. We remain at gunpoint. Our nominal “government” has accepted our evisceration with a little whimper and proceeds to massacre the millions of fools that need to expire “for the good of the country” with the diligence of hired hands.

This must stop at all costs.

We are in the utmost national emergency, faced with a long future of impoverishment, serfdom, and direct foreign control.

It is high time that we all realize this and rise to the defense of our very existence and that of our families and communities.

Otherwise, we will certainly deserve what Papandreou et. al. are working so hard to foist on us with, so far, increasing success.

In the end, it is not all about income. It is about a lot more.

This is though the the type “of a lot more” Mr. Papandreou and his confederates, wrapped as they are in the illusions of the manic dreamworld, cannot begin to imagine.

PS: No, we are not against reform. No, we do not support “protected professions,” at least as they developed in this country. No, we are not in favor of a bloated cancerous public sector. No, we are not against free markets. No, we do not wish to keep Greece “the last Soviet economy in Europe.” No, we do not support freight truck owners, who demand the Greek taxpayer foots the bill because they were fools to invest precious money in essentially worthless truck permits artificially made to cost hundreds of thousands of euros. And, yes, we want the deep ills of this economy somehow tackled. But not through mass suicide. Because, then, what is the purpose of “reform” if the “reformed” eventually expire?

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