The Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS) – former Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence (JMBI) –, is published by the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS). The Journal is an international academic-led scholarly publication that focuses on the field of intelligence and related areas of study and practice - such as (counter-) terrorism, homeland and international security, geopolitics, international relations. Its rationale is driven by the global society we live today, where it is important more than ever to communicate and work together to solve our common problems. Thus, it aims at promoting an international dialogue between diverse perspectives and experiences, based on original research on the broader European and American practice and study of intelligence.Read more

The JEAIS is an all-inclusive academic platform that allows junior and senior scholars and practitioners from both the public and private sectors, to share their knowledge, ideas and approach to intelligence studies. By crafting each journal issue through a rigorous and highly selective screening process of potential contributors and an exhaustive review process, the JEAIS mission is three-fold: to provide an equal opportunity for academics and practitioners of intelligence to discuss and challenge ideas, to address existent knowledge gaps by creating new knowledge, and to shape future new debates in intelligence beyond traditional communities of research.

Print ISSN: 2585-383X || 2 issues per year

The Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) and the Editorial Team of the Journal of European and American Intelligence Studies (JEAIS) are dedicated to ensure the accuracy and high quality of the content published in each issue of the Journal. However, all authors take full public responsibility for the content of their contributions. Any opinions and views expressed in the JEAIS are the opinions and views of the authors, and are not the views of or endorsed by RIEAS or the journal editors.

The Journal is led by Daniela Bacheș-Torres and Efren R. Torres-Bacheș as Managing Editors.

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