On the 13th of February 2010, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the 3rd edition of the Master in Intelligence in the University of Calabria, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed by John M. Nomikos (MCIS Chairman) with the Center for Intelligence Studies in the University of Calabria. The agreement envisages the sharing of Research papers and experts, as well as the carrying out of joint initiatives such as research projects and events to possibly develop and enhance a professional "culture of Intelligence."


The Laboratories of the Master in Intelligence of the University of Calabria are going to commence.
Center for Intelligence Studies, Department of Education Sciences

RENDE (02.06.2010). "Intelligence may be the key to effectively thwart organized crime". It is with this declaration that Mario Caligiuri, director of the Master in Intelligence of the University of Calabria, has announced the laboratories on “Intelligence and ‘ndrangheta” that are going to commence on Monday 8th of February, and which will last till Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The phenomenon of ‘ndrangheta will be dealt with from different perspectives: education, economy, politics, and information society. The lectures will be held by prosecutors from District Anti-Mafia Bureau (Nicola Gratteri,  Vincenzo Luberto, Mario Spagnuolo), university professors (Giuseppe Spadafora, Piero Fantozzi, Cesare Pitto, Vittorio Daniele, Viviana Burza, Michele Borrelli), journalists (Antonio Nicaso, Arcangelo Badolati), police officers (Claudio D’Angelo, Valerio Giardina, Ciro Niglio and Rodolfo Ruperti), researchers from the Center for Intelligence Studies (Giuseppe Romano, Enrico Tedesco, Giuliano Ricca) and experts (Enzo Ciconte, Francesco Forgione, Serenella Pesarin, Giovanni Avila). The full program with the list of lecturers, subjects, schedule and venue can be found on the web-site http://www.masterintelligence.net/ 

Furthermore, Mario Caligiuri has declared that “laboratories are an essential component of the Master course, since they deal with a problem of paramount importance for Calabria, which must be known scientifically to regain democracy and security". The Master in Intelligence will come to an end on Saturday 13th of February 2010 with a closing ceremony that will be held at "Caldora" room of the University of Calabria in Rende, and that will see the participation of academic and institutional authorities. During this last day, lectures will be held by Giulio Cazzella (director of the Superior School of the Administration of Internal Affairs), Mario Morcellini (dean of the college of communication sciences of "La Sapienza" University in Rome), Stefania Magliani (coordinator of the graduate degree course in investigation sciences of the University of Perugia).

At the closing ceremony, Dr. John M. Nomikos, Chairman of the Mediterranean Council for Intelligence Studies (RIEAS-MCIS) in Athens, will sign a memorandum of cooperation with the Center for Intelligence Studies in the University of Calabria. The Center has been also recently contacted by the École de Guerre Economique of Paris for the carrying out of joint research projects on economic intelligence.


John M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) attended the workshop: “Suppression of Crime in Accordance with the Judicial System in USA, UK and Greece” organized by the New York College (main campus), on 22 January 2010, Athens, Greece.

The RIEAS Research Paper No 131: "Cell Wars: The Changing Landscape of Communications Intelligence", by Joseph Fitsanakis, PhD, and Ian Allen (May 2009) has been included in the syllabi of two undergraduate courses taught at the University of Utah. The courses are International Communications, and Conflict and Communications Technologies, offered by the University's Communications Department.
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