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By Nachik Navoth
(Former Deputy Head of the Mossad, Israel's foreign
intelligence agency)


Media is a powerful communication device that can either be used for educating & informing people or can be exploited for diverse intelligence activities and operations.

Col. Rose Mary Sheldon
(Department of History, Virginia Military Institute, USA)


When I wrote my dissertation on Roman intelligence gathering, there was little literature on the subject of intelligence in the ancient world, and it was hopelessly scattered throughout professional journals generally unknown to the general public. 

John M. Nomikos
(RIEAS Director)


Academic intelligence studies are now a firmly –established part of sociology, security studies, political studies, anthropology, international relations, defense studies and history in many universities in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asian countries.

Andrew Liaropoulos (PhD)
(RIEAS Senior Analyst, Lecturer at the Department of International & European Studies, University of Piraeus)

Greece is facing nowadays various challenges.

Marinos Stagakis
(Law Enforcement Expert)

The role of information
The Law Enforcement Authorities fight to prevent and repress the crime is constant and evolving. In this attempt, information could be considered as a factor of utmost importance.

One of the key factors upon which viable growth can be built is human security. Approaching human security with the requisite attention has been practically absent from the continuing chaotic “debate” on how to address the Greek crisis.


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