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Yannis Markovits (Ph.D)

(Author of a Book titled “In the traces of the economic criminal: a handbook of theory and practice” in Greek language by University Studio Press, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Copyright: Research Institute for European and American Studies (www.rieas.gr) (Publication Date: 03/08/ 2014)

The high profiled individuals are well-known, acceptable people, and usually serve as examples of success, achievement and accomplishment. They attract the media and  are welcomed on television shows and popular series.

They even take part, as guests, to political and economic discussions. For some of them, their popularity is not due to their social and economic role, but to their involvement on delinquent and illegal activities. They tend to be implicated for financial scandals and white-collar crimes. In most cases, their own personal gains are losses for other individuals and organizations, and in some respects, for the society as a whole. These high profiled men, in the past have been encountered as public, business or economic heroes; presently, they are treated as common criminals and “scumbags”... Read more


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