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Special Correspondent

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Recent events in Iran have highlighted the fact that even the toughest, most entrenched dictatorship is unavoidably subject to the law of Physics that determines the effect of materials fatigue. All vehicles have a strictly determined performance envelope. Once certain figures that define basic materials cohesion have been exceeded, the process of disintegration begins. The speed of this disintegration is determined by many factors, almost all beyond the control of the driver.

Special Correspondent

Copyright: www.rieas.gr

The assassination of Officer Nektarios Savvas as he sat in his car in the early morning hours of June 17 has brutally pushed human-killing terrorism back to the top of Greece's domestic agenda.

Officer Savvas was savagely riddled, Mafia style, from pointblank range, revealing  murderers possessed by rage and an uncontrollable urge to send an unmistakable, blood-spattered message to other police and the vast majority of Greek society.

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