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The attempted hacking murder of Danish “Mohammed cartoonist” Kurt Westergaard by an al Qaeda-connected Somali would-be assassin, and legal resident of Denmark, who stopped only after police officers shot him as he was trying to force himself inside Mr. Westergaard's home armed with an ax and a knife, comes as yet another stark reminder of what Islamic fanaticism means -- and what Muslim “martyrs” are determined to do in order to fulfill their destiny of joining their edition of paradise drenched in the blood of infidels. Coming only days after the attempt by al Qaeda-linked Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to blow up a full US passenger jet, the Westergaard attempt is deeply disturbing and yet another loud signal to all those willing not to sink their heads in the sand.

Cyprus used to be at the top of Greece's “national issues.” In the 1950s, the struggle for Enosis (union with Greece) animated the Greek people and pushed Greek politicians in endorsing the last “grand vision” of Hellenism in the form of bringing Cyprus under Greek colors and repairing, if partially, the catastrophe that Hellas suffered during the Asia Minor campaign of 1919-22. Yet, just like during that fateful expedition, Greeks remained divided on what the ultimate aim actually was and hesitated in committing the Nation to the kind of effort that drove Greece during the Balkan Wars of 1912-13. In the end, and despite the Cypriot liberation fighters bringing the British colonialists to an untenable situation, the infamous London-Zurich agreements that followed the armed push to expel the British signaled the beginning of a long period of tragic consequences for Cyprus, largely because Greece had, yet again, failed to grasp the strategic initiative.

"Work Sets You Free" read the infamous iron sign hung above the gate of the Auschwitz death camp by the Nazi murderers of millions. The evil irony of the sign's message has stood as the emblem of the ultimate Satanism underpinning the "Final Solution," the Third Reich's elaborate plan of ridding the world of Jews through extermination.

Following the Swiss referendum on banning minarets, many European politicians run head over heels to condemn this majority decision in perhaps the most intact model democracy worldwide as an incomprehensible slide toward “xenophobia” and, even, “racism.”

In December 2008, the Greek government was slowly and agonizingly keelhauled by anarchists, young street thugs, high school student gangs, and more than enough foreign looters (some of whom apparently had invisible connections worthy of a determined intelligence sweep,) and nearly drowned in its own deep black sea of dull headedness, incompetence, indecisiveness, and downright fear of actually governing.

War has an eternal way of chewing at the innards of Nations. Even the best prepared, most militarily adept countries will sooner or later come to the critical question of deciding whether the costs and benefits of prosecuting a war outpace those of a “measured” withdrawal. Since we have graduated past the times of the Mongol Horde, and the pursuit of war as the means of total dominance upon “enemies,” the above question occupies center stage in decisions that can affect many generations to come and, rightfully, demands the best answers a “sophisticated” polity, like our current own, could possibly discover.


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