The RIEAS Web page was first published in 1997. Those were the days of awkward Web site builders and free hosting with little functionality and even less stability. But the RIEAS page (and those behind it) persisted. Over the years, the page went through various incarnations to arrive recently at the format you now see.

There is no need to stress here the importance of an on-line presence in this present day and age. Without a "window" to the on-line world, companies, businesses, academic institutions, and so many other organizations are practically invisible -- and, some would argue, non-existent.

Our experience here at RIEAS is that Internet exposure has always been critical to expanding our contacts worldwide, communicating our message, and striking new relationships with individuals and similar institutions. This process has been crucial to our own improvement, commitment to goals, and timely renewal and adjustment to the requirements of changing times.

The new RIEAS page took a lot of work and a lot of sweat to reach its present, published appearance (not to mention costs). Endless hours of designing and testing are the elements no reader/visitor of a Web page ever see. But these are the inevitable building blocks upon which any Web page with even rudimentary ambitions of quality must rest upon. If you're not willing to pursue this road it's better not to bother with an on-line presence.

The new RIEAS page is focused on functionality and ease of use. And its new design is the vehicle to help us expand the materials we offer on-line and, hopefully, our reach across cyberspace. We hope we have succeeded.

John Nomikos
President, RIEAS