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intel923Christopher Nehring
(Born in 1984, is scientific Director at the German spy Museum in Berlin. He has studied Eastern European and modern history in Heidelberg and St. Petersburg, and a doctorate in 2016, a subject of the secret service history. His newest Bay is “The 77 largest espionage myths”, published by Heyne, München, 2019)
Copyright: http://allinfo.space/2019/06/08/intelligence-services-and-the-secret-service-myths-in-europe/
Reposted at RIEAS web site (www.rieas.gr) on 4 August 2019.

Numerous myths surround the intelligence services. They are not always untrue. To shake, but in these myths, is one of the principles of a democratic way of dealing with the secret services, writes Christopher Nehring. Read more


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