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coldwarthinkingDr. Glen Segell,
(FRGS, Fellow, Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies, University of Haifa, Israel)

Copyright @ 2016 Research Institute for European and American Studies (www.rieas.gr) Publication date: 4 January 2016

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union entailed building up nuclear arsenals with delivery systems and then negotiating treaties of disarmament and non-proliferation. Simply put both sides realised that the weapons once deployed couldn't be used even to deter or win proxy wars and therefore their existence was more dangerous than any benefits that could be gained from their being. Mutually assured destruction (MAD) was the most likely result of any conflict escalation so at best the nuclear arsenals and their delivery systems gave their owners a feeling of security that they couldn't be directly attack. This was providing that the other side was rational to comprehend the consequences of nuclear annihilation...Read more


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