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Thalia Tzannetti                                                                  
(RIEAS Senior Analyst)                                                       

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More than 5 years after the Madrid attacks and 4 years after the London attacks, the phenomenon of violent radicalisation among Muslims, especially in countries of the so-called West, persists internationally and has been contaminating countries who were until recently perceiving themselves as immune to this kind of violence. So far Greece seems to be exempt from violent acts committed on religious grounds. With important differences and even more similarities to European countries known to be affected by radicalism, is Greece likely to maintain its apparent immunity? Is radicalisation among Muslims a phenomenon calling for policy responses and preventive initiatives or is it yet one more demonstration of Greece’s proclaimed ‘specificity’?

Ioannis Michaletos
(RIEAS Senior Analyst)

Copyright: www.rieas.gr

Contemporary Europe steadily enters a historical course of Islamization, a trend of macro-historical proportions and of vital social, political and economic significance. The Islam is the unifying factor of more than a billion people, characterized by high birth rates, great devotion to their religious norms and canons, but also knowledgeable and experienced throughout of centuries in the realm of international politics.

Wednesday's arrests were a deeply disturbing reminder that Britain remains the prime target of Islamist terrorists in the West.Despite a change of prime minister and a new US president, the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre's long-standing prediction that an attack in Britain is "highly likely" seems spot on.Eleven of those detained this week were from Pakistan and were granted entry on student visas. That these visas might be used by terrorists is no surprise. Warnings have existed since 2005 that terrorists regard our campuses as safe havens. Many "students" never turn up to be taught. Read more.


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