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greekcivilwar9Evripidis Tantalakis
(PhD student at the University of Leicester, currently working on his thesis entitled ‘Defending free peoples. Intelligence and the US advisory role in the Greek civil war, 1946-1949’. The focus of his research is the role of intelligence in the Greek Civil War and the extent to which the Greek COIN influenced the under-formation, post-war US COIN doctrine. He holds a BA degree in History form the University of Thessaly and an MA in International Relations and World Order form the University of Leicester. His teaching experience includes working as an Associate Tutor on the MA DL in Intelligence and Security at the University of Leicester)

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The issue of insurgent intelligence is generally understudied. The case of the Greek insurgents and how they used intelligence to sustain their struggle during the civil war between 1946 and 1949 is no exception. However, the Greek insurgents managed to establish an impressive military and civil intelligence network which supported the fight of their army, the Democratic Army of Greece (DAG), and contributed to the resilience of the insurgency. ....Read more


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