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balkanmap(Who Needs Greater State Projects in the Balkans?)

Dr. Zlatko Hadžidedić

(Graduate of the London School of Economics )UK), a prominent thinker, prolific author of numerous books, and indispensable political figure of the former Yugoslav socio-political space in 1990s, 2000s and 2010s).

Note: Greece has not recognized “Macedonia” but only with its United Nations (UN) name as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Copyright: Research Institute for European and American Studies (www.rieas.gr) Publication date: 2 January 2017

Ever since the end of the WWI, and especially since the end of the WWII, the UK official foreign policy line was nearly always the same, imperial - partition and division. Divide/atomize and rule (divide at impere)! Was it Asia, Latin America, Africa, Ukraine, Balkans or the Middle East – Pakistanization was the UK classical (colonial) concept, action and answer! With the Brexit at sight, seems that the Pakistanization (finally) came home...Read more


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