greekusa16By Andy and Mike Manatos*

Copyright: Kathimerini Daily (originally appeared in Greek) Publication Date on RIEAS ( 6th September 2015

In light of the United States' past record, the people of Greece have every right to be wary of American officials becoming deeply involved in Greek matters. As members of a Greek-American family that has been fighting in Washington, DC for Hellenic and Orthodox issues at the highest levels of the American government for over 80 years, no one has witnessed more of these bad policies up close than we.

However, we write this piece to let you know that today is different. The stars seem to be aligning. Most encouraging, the #2 person in the White House, Vice President Joe Biden, framed and proudly displayed on his wall the headline of my publically referring to him as Joe "Bidenopoulos" immediately following his election in 2008. Biden remains a lifetime loyal friend. And our President, Barack Obama, together with his Secretary of Treasury, Jack Lew, may be referred to as Greece's best friends in recent negotiations to keep Greece in the EU...Read more