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GeorgeSkourtisphotoGeorge-Nicholas Skourtis, Social Media & Corporate Relations Officer

George-Nicholas Skourtis is an Internship -researcher in the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), and he serves as Social Media & Corporate Relations Officer. He was born in 1996 in Athens, Greece, and he is an Undergraduate Student at the Department of International and European Studies, School of Economics, Business and International Studies of the University of Piraeus. Since the first year of his studies he was involved in many University extracurricular activities, such as volunteering -in AIESEC, TEDx events and other initiatives- taking part in MUNs, research groups and, at the same time, working.

During 2016, he has served as Vice President of AIESEC in Piraeus (University of Piraeus - UniPi), responsible for outgoing exchange of youth to social impact projects abroad, so as to empower and enable them to develop their leadership potential through voluntarily working abroad, in challenging environments. Through AIESEC he has become familiar with entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, team work, team building and strategic thinking.

He has participated in numerous Model United Nations (MUNs) and other simulations of the European Union, Regional and International Organizations, in Greece and internationally. He has served (and still serving) both as Delegate and also as Member of the Board. Through those simulations he has acquired many skills, including public speaking, research skills, debating and negotiation skills.

He has always been interested in International Affairs, the bilateral relations of the countries, security, political sciences, respect towards Human Rights & Equality and the protection of the environment.


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