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Taxiarchis sardellisphotoGeneral (ret) Taxiarchis SARDELLIS

General (ret.) Taxiarchis Sardellis is Senior Advisor at the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) and an Executive with extensive experience in Strategic International Relations, wide exposure in leveraging extensive networks of diplomatic defense and foreign partners. He is considered an exceptional problem-solver, very successful of producing top performing team and demonstrates a unique combination of human resources motivation and project management skills.

During his 32 years of successful military career, he served in Special Operations units, Army General Staff positions, the Greek Ministry of Defense as Director of International Relations, NATO and US Army HQ’s and the Greek Embassy in Washington DC. Represented Greece’s national interests in multilateral meetings and deliberations on draft resolutions and reports, and other policies related to NATO, UN, OSCE guidance and international cooperation as well as international relations. Provided valuable insights and proposed policies and initiatives for defense and security to members of the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill, and major think-tanks, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Center for Transatlantic Relations (Johns Hopkins University), the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Center for International and Strategic Studies, the Hudson Institute, Atlantic Institute and NESA. Provided tailored training for selected officers or cabinet members of various non-NATO countries including Switzerland, Romania, Ukraine, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, aiming to develop military cooperation with these countries and to facilitate their accession and adjustment to NATO and subject matter expertise on the reform and development of defense Institutions and recommended the organizational design (structure, job descriptions, staffing, design and implementation of SOP’s) for the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Armenia.

He holds a BA on Military Science and Operational Studies from the Greek Military Academy, a Post Graduate Diploma on Defense Studies from the Greek Army Supreme College and an MA on Strategic and Diplomatic Studies form the NATO Defense College in Rome. He has graduated from the US Army Chemical Warfare Officer Program - Ft. McClellan, Alabama, the US Army Infantry Advanced Officer School - Ft. Benning, Georgia, has attended the Seminar on “21st Century Governance in an Era of New American Leadership” by the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University - MA, multiple seminars on globalization, security challenges and risks, assessment of various geostrategic regions in the NATO Defense College as well as numerous professional development courses of the Greek Army and NATO.

He is a certified paratrooper, speaks fluently English and Italian, has lectured at Georgetown University, Center for Security Studies, on the Balkans, focusing on political and economic developments in the region, energy security, international relations and NATO enlargement and has been awarded several awards and distinctions by the President of the Hellenic Republic, the Greek Minister of Defense, the Belgian Army Parachutist Badge, the NATO non-article 5 Operations Medal, awarded by HE the Secretary General of NATO and the U.S Army Meritorious Service Medal, awarded by the Secretary and Chief of U.S Army


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