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Hellenic Navy Commander Ioannis Chapsos (PhD Cand) is a Global Security Specialist as well as Instructor in the Security and Strategy Department at the Hellenic Supreme Joint War College in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Prof. Rudiger Lohlker at the Oriental Institute in Vienna University (Austria), Prof. Ake Sellstrom, Director at the European CBRNE Center in Sweden and Prof. Thomas Wegener Friis at the Department of History in the University of Southern Denmark, joined RIEAS International Advisory Board.
Dr. John M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) participated in the Workshop on: “Jihadism Online” at the Oriental Institute in the University of Vienna, (4th February 2011), Austria.
The Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS) joined as Affiliate Member the International Network of Emerging Nuclear Specialists.  Read more
Founded in January 2011, the Greek Intelligence Studies Association (GISA) is a Network established under the auspices of the Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS). GISA is a non-partisan Network that aims to enhance the professional work of intelligence and security services in general by advancing research, professional learning, and service development through intelligence education. GISA’s Network also seeks to promote scholarly research on the performance and methods of intelligence organizations and examine their impact through history and upon international relations.
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John M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) published an article in a Greek Weekly Financial Newspaper (AXIA) titled: “Transatlantic Intelligence Cooperation and New Threats”, 11 December 2010, Athens, Read more
John Papaspanos (RIEAS Research Associate) published an article titled: “Caspian Energy Geopolitics: The Rise and Fall of Burgas-Alexandroupoli”, No.148, (December 2010). Read more
Dr. Andrew Liaropoulos (RIEAS Senior Analyst) participated in a Workshop titled: “National and International Dimensions of Cyber-Security” on the 2nd of December 2010, organized by the Air War College in Greece and presented a paper titled: “Cyberspace and International Security.”
RIEAS will participate in the CBRN-E Asia Pacific Conference (11-12 April 2011) in Singapore. Read more


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