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Dr. Shlomo Shpiro (deputy head of the political studies department at Bar-Ilan University, Senior Research Fellow at the BESA Center for Strategic Studies and RIEAS Member of International Advisory Board) published an article on “Calm Winds and Following Seas” in the Jerusalem Post (31 May 2011). Read more
Dr. John M. Nomikos published an article on “Transatlantic Security Relations in the 21st Century” in the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), China. Read more 
Aya Burweila (RIEAS Senior Analyst) published an article on “A Failure of Statesmanship: The UN Gives War, Not Libya, A Chance” in the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS), China.  Read more 
Dr. John M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director) published an article entitled “European Union-United States Relations in the 21st Century: New Challenges” in the Young Transatlantic Conservative Alliance (YTCA).  Read more
Prof. Prodromos Yannas is the Dean of the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) in the Western Macedonia (Kastoria).  Read more

Dr. John M. Nomikos, (RIEAS Director) participated in The Overseas Security Advisory Council Seminar (OSAC) on 5th of May 2011 in Athens, Greece.


Zeljko Dj. Bjelajac, “Contemporary Tendencies in Money Laundering Methods: Review of the Methods and Measures for its Suppression”, RIEAS: Research Paper, No. 151, (June 2011).


Prem Mahadevan published an article on: “A War without ‘Principals’: Narco-Violence in Mexico”, RIEAS – Research Paper, No. 150 (May 2011). Read more
RIEAS joined the “Association Clio-online” which is a Gateway for Historical Scholarship and it was founded by renowned providers of academic information in Germany. Read more
RIEAS posted the new web site of the International Counter-Terrorism Academic Community (ICTAC). It is an international association of academic institutions, experts, and researchers in fields related to the study of terrorism and counter-terrorism. RIEAS is a Member of ICTAC. Read more


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